Summary of 2020

  • July 24th, 2024
  • News
  • Robert Pardela

The year 2020 will be long associated with the pandemic 🦠 and restrictions 🚫.

Despite the difficult situation for BCHAIN PARTNER, it was a year of dynamic development.


We managed to achieve more goals than we had expected:

👉 We built a whole ecosystem of services around our S3DOC durable medium: a portal for document issuers, a portal for their customers, a mobile application, etc.

🏆 We won the main prize in the Gazeta Bankowa Hit of the Year 2020 competition.

👷 We have built our own Blockchain technology and moved S3DOC (with Ethereum gone) to it, increasing efficiency and architecture flexibility.

🚀 We were selected for the Accelpoint acceleration program by one of the banks that trusted us and our technology.

🔏 We created a multiSign electronic signature module.

🤝 We managed to build relationships with customers and partners who are looking for alternatives to existing and imperfect durable media.

💎 The culmination of this year is the positive opinion of the KNF for S3DOC durable medium.

💡 We also have new ideas for the further development of our BCHAINNODE platform and are launching an interesting project ZeroKX.


All this allows us to look at 2021 with great optimism 🌞.


What we also wish you 🥂

Robert Pardela