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Blockchain is one of the most important IT concepts in the history of IT. If it is used well, soon it may become as popular as the Internet.
Our goal is to share our fascination with blockchains and promote knowledge about them in both business and technical contexts.




This is a category related to the blockchain concept, which contains descriptions presented in a way that does not require technical knowledge.



In this category you will find descriptions of how to use blockchain in various business areas and specific cases of use.

Test & train

Test & train

Here you will find tips & tricks, practical examples of block chain application, source code and data for self-testing

Recent Posts

National Certification Centre NBP NCCert

On 21.01.2021 we were entered into the register kept by the National Certification Center of NBP (NCCert). From now on we are fully compliant with the eIDAS […]

Narodowe Centrum Certyfikacji NBP NCCert

W dniu 21.01.2021 zostaliśmy wpisani do rejestru prowadzonego przez Narodowe Centrum Certyfikacji NBP (NCCert). Od teraz jesteśmy w pełni zgodni z rozporządzeniem eIDAS w zakresie podpisu SAS […]

Summary of 2020

The year 2020 will be long associated with the pandemic 🦠 and restrictions 🚫. Despite the difficult situation for BCHAIN PARTNER, it was a year of dynamic […]

Trwały nośnik S3DOC pozytywnie zweryfikowany przez UKNF

Z przyjemnością informujemy, że trwały nośnik S3DOC został pozytywnie zaopiniowany przez Urząd Komisji Nadzoru Finansowego. W opinii KNF system S3DOC spełnia przesłanki niezbędne do zakwalifikowania go przez […]

Durable medium S3DOC Hit of the Year 2020

Wersja w języku polskim. On 16.06.2020 in Warsaw the Gala was held, during which awards were given in the Technobiznes Hity 2020 competition. We are proud to […]


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