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BCHAIN PARTNER is an IT startup specializing in creating IT solutions based on Blockchain platform. The company was created with a fascination for this technology. We want to be an IT partner for our customers and support them in meeting their business needs. Our goal is also to educate and promote knowledge about block chains, which in the near future will change not only the known IT world, but also our everyday life. We would like every contact with us to inspire our customers and provoke them to discover new applications for the block chain.


The Blockchain, stupid

In my opinion, blockchain is one of the most important IT concepts in the history of IT. If used well, soon it may become as popular as the Internet.

My goal is to share my fascination with blockchains and to promote knowledge about them in both business and technical contexts.

Features of chains are amazing and at the same time so specific that they change the way you think about information systems. These features together with a high level of security and high confidence open the way to the emergence of new, previously unavailable IT applications.


I was fascinated not only by the concept of blockchain, but also by the idea of making it available in the open-source model. This is very important when it comes to high trust in this type of solutions. Everyone can verify how it works inside and whether there are no Trojan horses sewn in. Such a model also allows reaching a wide audience and users.


What you can find here

On this page you will find entries related to blockchains. On the one hand, these will be business entries describing the features, functions and possible applications of blockchains. On the other hand, I will present technical issues regarding the implementation of blockchain, from the creation and launch of one’s own network to more complex programming solutions. There will be examples of smart contracts,  that have been written in the Solidity language and using the Web3js library.


I will try to describe in detail the specific business use cases for blockchain. In the technical section you will find instructions and source codes for specific example solutions related to blockchain. There will be examples from the Internet of Things (IoT), public procurement, financial institutions, public administration and many more.


What can’t you find

I will not deal with issues related to crypto-currencies. You will not find advice here on: which crypto-currencies to buy, how to dig currency, profitability of digging, etc. This is described on a million other websites and is not within the range of my interests. Although I do not exclude that I will describe how to create your own crypto-currency, I will discuss the process of public crypto-currency offer ICO (Initial Coin Offer) and tokenization of assets.


I will also not campaign against financial institutions and use blockchain to exclude them as intermediaries from the processes concerning settlements of financial assets. Although I will not hide that since the financial crisis of 2008, my confidence in financial institutions, rating agencies and financial market regulators has fallen sharply. I will focus on previously undiscovered or not fully discovered possible Blockchain applications.


Which blockchain platforms I will use

The most information that I will provide here will be concerning the Ethereum platform, Quorum and Hyperledger, which I currently consider to be the most complete, i.e. enabling the creation of IT solutions with very wide and diverse applications, also in enterprise solutions.


I hope that everyone will find something for themselves and together we will take an interesting journey around the world of Blockchains.

I encourage all interested parties to contact me.


Regards, Robert Pardela